Concurrent Hardware & Software Design

Shorten time to market while lowering engineering costs for systems engineering projects

Smarter Faster Lighter’s Concurrent Hardware & Software Design solution improves coordination between mechanical, electronics and software engineering teams. The solution provides a single repository for all product development data including specifications, 3D models, code, analysis results, and manufacturing requirements. All data can be securely accessed in real-time by relevant stakeholders.

The Concurrent Hardware & Software Design solution improves design process efficiency by enhancing integration visibility for all mechanical, electronic and software components early in the development cycle. It minimizes the risk of costly late-cycle design changes. Companies manage multi-discipline collaboration and master the complexity of mechatronics design.


Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Assure effective coordination and collaboration across mechanical, electronic and software engineering disciplines
  • Grow coordinated, concurrent HW & SW innovation
  • Accelerate delivery of new technology
  • Master product complexity and density
  • Ensure data exchange between various authoring tools