Component Supplier Management

Manage part reuse and part modification to accelerate time to market and lower manufacturing cost

Smarter, Faster, Lighter’s Component Supplier Management solution enhances the ability to reuse parts specifications and to optimize part modification processes. Business rules related to part qualification and development processes can be defined to assure consistent information capture and task execution across teams and projects. Design, testing, manufacturing, purchasing and quality control teams collaborate more efficiently without relying on complex, rigid workflows.

By implementing integrated part development processes that connects all key stakeholders, high-tech / electronics companies can ensure product and component compliance, while enabling “Design Anywhere, Manufacture Anywhere” agility and savings. Focus is expanded from managing internal costs or external prices to a complete understanding and management of all cost drivers across the value chain. Part reuse is maximized and part modification workflow is streamlined to lower time to market and manufacturing costs.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Master components supply complexity while achieving economies of scale
  • Master end-to-end IP qualification & certification
  • Maximize IP reuse
  • Improve design to cost ability
  • Foster real-time collaboration across the enterprise