Imagination Wave

Improve customer Market listening and simplify engineering decision making to enhance product value

Social Market Intelligence

Affordable social intelligence and ideation for agile and on-target new product planning

Anticipating consumer expectations for new electronics products requires real-time awareness of social sentiment and streamlined internal collaboration. Three-to-six month development cycles for new products leave little time for advance planning, requiring product planners and product managers to continuously monitor and internally communicate product trends. Consolidating a wide variety of Internet information into a summarized view that is widely transparent to the design team is critical to quick, yet informed product decision-making.

Similarly, geographically distributed product researchers, managers, planners, designers and engineers need real-time one-to-many communication to accelerate consensus building and design-change awareness. Email applications are not efficient enough for users to absorb and react to high-volume information flow quickly.

The Imagination Wave Social Market Intelligence solution solves both the external social intelligence and the internal information transparency challenges by using social media listening and communication technology. Using Dassault Systemes’ award winning Netvibes social media dashboard technology, customer sentiment, market trends, new product adoption and competitor status can easily be sampled and quantified using social monitoring dashboards. Using Dassault Systemes’ 3DSWYM social collaboration platform, brainstorming and design decisions can be quickly and informally discussed via social discussion threads without heavy workflow overhead, yet captured as part of the company’s IP.

With social media listening and communication uniquely combined together, this solution captures consumer and engineer discussion to accelerate decisions and improve product targeting.

Key Highlights and benefits:

  • Automate and simplify tracking of customer preferences and desires in fast moving markets
  • Quantify social media feedback
  • Provide a shared experience for all development teams that covers both formal workflows and ad-hoc communications
  • Enable informal innovation discussions, while capturing those dialogs for reuse