Imagination Wave

Improve customer Market listening and simplify engineering decision making to enhance product value

Social Ideation & Creative Design

Collaborative concept design development that is engineering ready

Consumer first impressions of a new electronic product are often based upon its physical appearance. And your industrial designers have an critical role in capturing those impressions. So, “Lost in translation” is the last thing what you want to hear about new product designs as they transition from your industrial designers to your engineers. Instead, you want your new product physical designs to retain the desired characteristics first described by customers as they transition from customers to designers to engineers with no nuance lost. 

The Imagination Wave Social Ideation & Creative Design solution is a design and engineering environment for creating and communicating electronic product physical designs and attributes that maximize customer value. Built from Dassault Systeme’s market-leading CATIA applications, this solution serves both industrial designers and engineers. Each role can use their favored mode of creation, yet contribute to the same design file. Design ideation and decisions are improved and acclerated. Complex products and processes are effectively managed while designers and engineers create and collaborate freely. Brainstorming and development are simultaneously enabled to assure fast time-to-market for high-value products.

With the Social Ideation & Collaborative Design solution, complex, innovative designs can be captured, encoded, and evaluated quickly. Complex processes that drive concurrent execution across multiple teams are automated, while you manage specifications and other product information to facilitate rapid design development and business synchronization.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Improve new product physical appearance innovation to drive customer demand
  • Accelerate physical design ideation and decision-making to shorten time to market
  • Automate complexity management to lower development costs
  • Centralize and modularize design work for enhanced reuse