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Merchandising Strategy

Virtual reality showcasing to enable merchandising strategy collaboration

Your electronics retail store layouts and styles strongly affect consumer buying emotions and experiences. To achieve best possible shopping experiences, retail store designs often require multiple iterations. Yet, physical store mock-ups can be expensive. Virtual store designs and walk-throughs can significant accelerate design time, lower prototyping costs will improving shopper experience.

The Imagination Wave Merchandising Experience solution enables product manufacturers and retailers to collaborate around anticipated shopping experiences for new products using virtual mock-ups of new store designs. With this solution, both customers and designers can virtually walk through the shopper experience early in the development cycle, gaining insight into changes and enhancements before investments are made into physical retail store mock-ups are created. Store experience development time is faster and costs are lowered. 3D models can be created, assortments planned, virtual shelves and stores visualized, and 2D merchandising instructions generated. Brand decisions and differentiation are improved. Reusable merchandising templates can be created. Merchandising best practices can be automatically checked using an automated rule engine. With this solution, merchandizing plans can be tested and optimized quickly without the cost of creating physical store mock-ups.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Use virtual shopping experiences to experiment with wider assortment variations
  • Model store layouts virtually to accelerate key merchandizing decisions
  • Demonstrate virtual stores to retailers that provide the customer perspective