Imagination Wave

Ride the waves of consumer tastes with perfectly targeted products

Timing the waves of emerging customer demand can be very challenging. That timing requires both acute awareness of emerging customer sentiments as well as ability to flexibly adapt to unforeseen changes while also shortening new product development. Global, yet diverse markets, geographically distributed design and engineering teams, aggressive competitors and complex development processes all add to the challenges.

To overcome these challenges, the Dassault Systèmes Imagination Wave Industry Solution Experience targets, streamlines and accelerates complex new electronic product introductions. Customer sentiment is tracked and captured in real-time. Design and engineering work is captured on a common platform to speed communication between teams and enhance work reuse. 3D visualization is combined with social collaboration to provide a perfect forum for customer, designer and engineer collaboration. Formal and informal information is combined into one data set to maximize both creativity and project management. Teams are better engaged and motivated towards excellence in their work. Product needs, designs, and specifications flow quickly throughout the team, with fewer losses and unexplained mutations. The value of current work to future projects is more clearly understood. Stakeholders ‘get it’ quickly, enabling them to respond on-time and on-target.

Through a unique and differentiated portfolio of social media capabilities, process dashboards, 3D visualization and design, and formal specification/workflow/resource management, Imagination Wave ensures fast concept development that is ready for engineering. It enables electronics products companies to perfectly time introduction of new products to meet customer demand waves.

Discover the values of Imagination Wave Industry Solution Experience:

  • Shorten time-to-market for extremely complex electronics products
  • Understand and meet rapidly evolving customer preferences and desires
  • Reduce coordination delays and miscommunications between geographically distributed design and engineering teams
  • Accelerate new product introduction and broaden diversification with design reuse
  • Adapt quickly adapt to new specifications and changes during new product development

I feel that speed is the biggest issue; Our greatest challenge is how quickly we can read the changes in the market, reflect them in our development operations, and launch the right products in a timely fashion.

Shigeo Okuda Director Business Development Center, AVC Networks Company Panasonic Corporation