Ideation & Concept Design

Expand your open innovation capacity

A new product’s visual and tactile first user experience is a disproportionately large factor in a consumer’s purchase decision. Maximizing desirability requires efficient yet comprehensive innovation management to encompass consumer feedback, designer ideas, and project specifications. Successful delivery of innovative designs enhances not only product success, but also market leadership and brand value.

Ideation & Concept Design solution experience, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, delivers superior user experiences for electronic products. It combines automated social market listening, streamlined 3D-drawing to 3D-design integration, project-oriented social media, and one-source-of-truth product lifecycle management for extensive development capability.

This superior innovation management solution, now available on-cloud and on-premise, helps optimize critical idea and information pathways among consumers, designers, engineers, and project managers. Key product desires, design elements, and product specifications are communicated quickly, without loss of nuance or detail. The result is a new product that fully reflects the contributions made by all stakeholders and embodies the best possible first user experience for consumers as they make their purchase decision.

Dassault Systèmes Ideation & Concept Design solution experience combines role-specific user interfaces to automatically and intuitively allow stakeholders to contribute their ideas and work in a single knowledge base. Key relationships between initial requirements, design proposals, and final specs are maintained, so that changes automatically ripple through the entire project, minimizing down-stream errors and accelerating design completion time.

Discover the value of Ideation & Concept Design Industry Solution Experience:

  • Simplify collaboration between engineering, marketing, sales, suppliers and agencies to enhance concept design innovation
  • Enhance product designs to improve consumers’ first moment of truth experience
  • Gain feedback on product design concepts to maximize market acceptance
  • Create concept styling surfaces ready for mechanical engineering