Social Ideation & Creative Design

Enable customer panels, designers and engineers to jointly brainstorm and review new enclosure designs

Enable rich, interactive customer feedback directly with designers and engineers without needing to build physical prototypes or use cumbersome interactivity software. 3D virtual prototypes can be displayed on any browser, any time, anywhere in the world, enabling real-time, low-cost customer review and feedback on new enclosure design ideas. Robust understanding about the needs and tastes of today’s business and consumer customers can be gathered to improve product success. Physical elements of an electronics product - its exterior casing, controls, display and other physical attributes - can be presented and tested virtually to assure they are aligned with customer preferences, improving the potential for product success. Similarly, designers and engineers can collaborate on both aesthetic and functional requirements.

With the Social Ideation and Creative Design solution, you gain sharable 3D virtual prototyping to infuse innovation from customers, designers and engineers alike.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Improve and accelerate physical design choices and decisions
  • Improve cross-disciplinary collaboration between design studios and engineering teams
  • Improve targeting of current, leading customer preferences
  • Design in perceived product quality