Product Enclosure Design

Automate and accelerate design collaborative between designers and engineers to enable more-enclosure prototype alternatives, faster

Automate and accelerate engineer and designer collaboration with market leading 3D design and engineering capabilities. Designs are improved through optimal reuse of past work and know-how plus 3D virtualization-enabled collaboration. Users gain quick, easy and safe element placement, automated intelligent element association, improved product quality and more time to focus on critical, high-value design decisions. The design process is accelerated through optimized fine-grain concurrent change management, allowing large teams to enhance designs simultaneously. Change costs are minimized through automation of change incorporation into manufacturing ready specifications.

With the Product Enclosure Design solution, electronics manufacturers are equipped to design the best possible enclosures for today’s consumer and business electronic users.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Deliver better enclosure designs, faster, with less change cost
  • Capture and reuse past designs and know-how to shorten your production delivery time
  • Improve design and engineering performance
  • Lower design change costs
  • Automate and cost reduce simple engineering tasks