Product Documentation & Communication

Simplify and clarify manufacturing and service documentation with interactive 3D visualizations of the enclosure design

Simplify and accelerate the development of high-quality documentation. Automate and streamline the transfer of 2D and 3D design and specification information from designers and engineering to technical writers. Enable interactive 3D visualizations to simplify and clarify instructions to the manufacturing floor and service personnel. This solution enables activities such as documentation creation and service system setup to get started faster, be current with latest designs and minimize miscommunication errors and costs.

With the Product Documentation & Communication solution, companies can produce modern product documentation that includes animated 3D assembly instructions, interactive maintenance applications, and accurate product illustrations.  This streamlines the delivery of sales and marketing material and significantly enhances the ability to communicate product information more effectively.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Reduce development concept and specification errors from miscommunication
  • Shorten development cycles by enabling serialized development tasks to be done in parallel
  • Speed and lower cost of documentation development with automation of visualization and specifications creation
  • Improve documentation effectiveness by adding 3D static and dynamic visualizations

With 3DVIA Composer’s animation capabilities, our production engineers are able to see how the lighting is assembled in 3D, which helps avoid time-consuming errors.

Roman Vachal Engineer, SEC Lighting