Product Documentation & Communication

Integrate your product development process with tooling and manufacturing

Timely delivery of accurate, intuitive and meaningful documentation is key for the success of a Hi-Tech product. This solution experience delivers the tools for authors of technical documentation to efficiently use 2D and 3D information and for creating world-class printed and digital documentation. From simple product illustrations in 3D, to dynamic assembly instructions up to interactive virtual applications: Documentation authors can now save time creating the highest level materials, using powerful, intuitive tools with a maximum of automation support.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Facilitate creating high-impact, 2D and 3D graphics, dynamic and interactive videos and apps
  • Foster on-time delivery of documentation by concurrently working with design and engineering
  • Reduce documentation cost and time by automating processes and design & engineering changes

"SEC Lighting uses Dassault Systemes product Documentation and Communication solution to create marketing and production documentation. This solution enables our sales force, for example, to create sales documentation using real CATIA data".

Roman Vachal Engineer, SEC Lighting