Mold & Tooling Design

Streamline coordination of distributed manufacturing and ensure high quality enclosure part tooling

Build lean, integrated, easy-to-operate processes from part design to tooling engineering and manufacturing. Feedback from manufacturing engineers is delivered in real time  to design and development engineering to make manufacturing ramp-up faster and less costly. Tooling standardization, design tasks automation and more efficient engineering decision-making are enabled. Companies achieve greater agility when responding to unexpected issues. Corporate engineering assets are expanded by facilitating skills development, securing their capture and reuse throughout projects. HT body’s Mold & Tooling Design solution delivers a flexible and highly-customizable approach to conceptual and detailed tooling engineering.

The quantity, complexity and variety of High Tech products that consumers need or want increase every day. They expect these products to be quickly available, more affordable and highly reliable. HT body’s Mold & Tooling Design ensures their manufacturability as early as possible, provides an efficient and controlled process to make them and allows engineers to react quickly and safely to any change in their definition or in their production environment. More than ever, toolmakers can achieve high productivity, high quality and tight cost control in order to keep a real competitive advantage.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Deliver better enclosure part molds and tooling, faster and with less change cost
  • Capture and reuse past mold and tooling design and know-how to shorten production delivery time
  • Improve part and tooling engineering team collaboration performance
  • Lower mold and tooling design change costs
  • Reduce part to mold & tooling design transfer errors

With CATIA for Mold, we drastically reduced our design time from one month to one week. It’s a complete tooling design and manufacturing preparation solution within the integrated CATIA environment

Jae-Deok Shin CEO, Woojin High-Tec