Mold Machining

Reduce NC programming time through machining process automation

Provide machine tool operators with efficient programming, simulation and optimization of machining processes through best-in-class tool path programming with machine tool simulation. NC programmers can identify and resolve errors in tool paths earlier and reduce programming lead times. Users gain “Best in class” surface machining quality and collision free tool paths. This includes the latest techniques to cut complex molds in hard material to optimize tool life. Manufacturers gain decreased mold development time/cost and the ability to flexibly accommodate last-minute design changes. Know-how can be captured and reused to shorten set-up time.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Decrease mold development time
  • Maintain control of the end-to-end design and manufacturing process
  • Maintain flexibility to accommodate design changes quickly
  • Re-use manufacturing know-how and intellectual property
  • Support high product variability
  • Maximize machine tool use via up-front workload planning