Attractive enclosure design, faster time to market, improved manufacturing quality and lower manufacturing costs are key benefits of deploying the HT body solution experience. It does this by streamlining collaboration between all product development stakeholders. Unexpected challenges that may undermine a development cycle can be quickly assessed and overcome. Intellectual Property is protected to ensure that it does not fall into the hands of the competition. Manufacturing process efficiency is enhanced to improve profit margin. HT body is an Industry Solution Experience that uniquely enables end-to-end acceleration of electronics product enclosure design and manufacturing. 

HT body enables collaborative, informed working relationships between customers and company. Designers, engineers and manufacturing are all connected.

Discover the values of HT body 3DEXPERIENCE solution:

  • Real-time collaboration to quickly optimize design
  • Improve electronics enclosure experiences via 3D design
  • Enable distributed manufacturing, while assuring high quality tooling
  • Interactive documentation for perfect product services
  • Reduce NC programming time through machining process automation
  • Prevent defects and scrap with manufacturing analytics