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Find your Edge. Maximize Efficiencies. Empower Product Innovation

Securities Services Central is one of the key components of Innovation Factory's pioneering, scalable platform for product lifecycle management, designed to radically improve collaboration, transparency, productivity, time to market and to accelerate product innovation for securities services.

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More efficiency, better control

Securities Services Central improves the development, validation and delivery of customer-centric solutions, strengthening efficiencies and accelerating innovation across the entire solution lifecycle. It allows you to collaborate and orchestrate effectively, enterprise-wide with all stakeholders in real-time - across all business lines, products and project phases, globally or regionally. The results are efficient decision making and prioritization, quicker delivery, increased margin, and less manual work across all stakeholder teams.

Principal benefits include:

  • Improved planning control and faster delivery of product development
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Easy access to market, competitive and regulatory information improves agility to seize market opportunities
  • Optimized resource allocation
  • Improved real-time collaboration
  • Real-time access to documentation from a central repository

Digitize your processes

A standard repository of solutions, products and services including descriptions, contracts, pricing and service level agreements (SLAs) establishes a single source of truth and enables greater client responsiveness. Establishing a proper product life cycle discipline makes you more lean and agile - and mitigates operational risk.

Digitization improves agility to adapt, extend, change and develop solutions, reducing the error of risk which has been associated with a more traditional approach. Users can initiate different governance regimes at the click of a button. Full transparency creates authentic collaboration, making sure your team pulls together whilst retaining intellectual property - you achieve 'a single source of truth' for your portfolio.

Securities Services Central's real-time dashboard gives everyone a true picture of up to the minute status, ensuring all product initiatives are in line with management strategy and can be easily monitored at every stage of the process. Having real-time information at your finger-tips speeds time to market, improves governance and so mitigates risk.

Better corporate memory

Staff turnover is a major cause of inefficiency and a drag on innovation. When essential staff leave, often, so does part of the corporate memory. You lose both talent and the experience of what works. The wheel has to be reinvented, again.

Automated processes enhance corporate memory while minimizing 'key person' risk. Ideas and experience are available to all - individual learning is converted into organizational learning.