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Innovation Factory: Fund Central

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Power your Portfolio Lifecycle Management

Fund Central is the investment management specific offering of the Innovation Factory suite of solutions. Designed to radically improve transparency, efficiency and collaboration, it helps to empower fund innovation for all stakeholders in the fund creation arena.

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More transparency, better teamwork

Collaborate and communicate effectively, enterprise-wide with all stakeholders in real-time — across all products and project phases, globally or regionally. Fund Central empowers innovation through its collaboration tools, improving and enhancing corporate memory across the organization.

Principal benefits

  • Improved corporate memory
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Virtual team work across locations
  • A complete transparent audit trail
  • Stronger governance to mitigate risk
  • Real-time information at your fingertips to improve time-to-market and manage KPIs
  • Increased control with centralized data

More efficiency, less risk

Centralize fund data to increase control and responsiveness. Replacing an array of spreadsheets, documents and slide decks with a single comprehensive, template can also cut cost. Establishing proper fund life cycle discipline makes you more lean and agile - and mitigates operational risk.

Digitize your processes

Fund Central's real time dashboard gives everyone a true picture of the status of all products: past, present and future. Having real-time information at your finger-tips speeds time to market, improves governance and so mitigates risk.

Digitization allows each team member to work on the same, single version of any document in real time, allowing multiple fund classes to be created from predefined fund templates. Users can initiate different governance regimes at the click of a button. Full transparency creates authentic collaboration, ensuring your team pulls together whilst retaining intellectual property - you achieve 'a single source of truth' for each fund.

Better corporate memory

Staff turnover is a major cause of inefficiency and a drag on innovation. When essential staff leave, often, so does part of the corporate memory. You lose both talent and the experience of what works. The wheel has to be reinvented, again.

Automated processes enhance corporate memory while minimizing 'key person' risk. Ideas and experience are available to all - individual learning is converted into organizational learning.

Proven innovators

The Fund Central solution is built on Dassault Systemes’ 3DExperience Platform, which has been built for and deployed in some of the most innovative companies in the world – from Boeing to P&G to BMW.  Leveraging our heritage of product innovation, Fund Central addresses key fund management industry challenges including governance and compliance to product innovation, efficiency and repeatability and is designed to help pave the way for fund innovation across the sector.