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Market Challenge

The asset management industry is undergoing a profound restructuring, as institutions attempt to balance regulatory challenges and drive fund innovation to meet clients’ needs. New regulations are demanding greater transparency which lead to higher business costs. Yet, many investment organizations still rely on manual processes. These hold back collaboration and productivity, increase costs and risks, and impair ability to improve governance. Technology is becoming the driving force in the industry’s metamorphosis as it seeks to meet shareholder demand and gain customer trust.

  • What if you could digitize your processes, mitigate operational risk, improve governance and accelerate fund administration? 
  • Could you free up time to empower fund innovation and gain that vital competitive edge?

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE company, with a history of transforming industries and over 30 years’ experience in product life cycle management, collaboration and social intelligence applications has brought disruptive innovation to the investment management sector.

If you are in sales, distribution, marketing, operations, product development teams and senior management, discover how you can empower fund innovation and improves efficiencies to enrich your customer experience and gain that vital edge. 

Innovation Factory's suite of solutions (Fund Central, Securities Central and Sales Central) is available on premise or over the cloud via the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It provides:

  • A dedicated product lifecycle management solution, centralizing product development information from conception to launch
  • The ability to share information digitally, streamlines product lifecycle management requirements and reduces time to market of new products
  • Increased transparency, helping to mitigate risk and can turn a regulatory constraint into a business opportunity
  • A scalable platform for lifecycle product portfolio management
  • Improved transparency, efficiency and collaboration — and empowers innovation — for all stakeholders in the fund creation arena.

Recent research, conducted by Prof. Amin Rajan, CEO, CREATE-Research revealed:

Many asset management companies rely on cumbersome manual processes, hampering efficiency and thwarting innovation. According to the study, too many great ideas never make it to market. And, when they do get there, they are too late: me-too products underwhelm investors and underperform for managers.

The research highlighted that new processes and disciplines are required to meet regulatory demands, regain customer trust and deliver shareholder value, managers: 

Source: CREATE-Research/Dassault Systèmes Study 2013

Innovation Factory which can easily be integrated alongside your current infrastructure, can help you overcome these issues and mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies and drive your fund innovation and help you gain that vital edge.  


Find Your Edge with Innovation Factory

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Overview of Innovation Factory’s Fund Central global product portfolio : 

  • Provides a single source of truth, providing single view of KPIs
  • Provides portfolio insights
  • Simple navigation
  • Access to all product life cycle status in one view

To find out more about Innovation Factory, please Contact Sales.

We are proud to be the first financial services provider to adopt the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and see huge benefits in this new approach to product development, which has proved so successful in other industries. It will help our multi-local teams share knowledge efficiently, streamline our processes and we estimate, reduce time to market by 20%. This will ultimately help us stay ahead of market changes and benefit our clients.

Sebastien Messean Head of Product Lifecycle Management at BNP Paribas Securities Services