Innovation Factory

Find Your Edge: Maximize Efficiencies. Empower Fund Innovation

Fund managers are in a new regulatory and competitive era. Old approaches and traditional service models are being superseded - fast.

Only the most agile, collaborative and efficient managers can transform the challenges of the new era into authentic competitive advantage. Automated and repeatable processes can accelerate fund administration, increasing transparency and control, while better managing costs. A new level of transparency and precision also empowers teams to innovate. Bringing to market products that capture the imagination of the investment community can give fund managers that vital edge.

First movers will seize the advantage. Innovators will race ahead of the competition.

Market Challenges

Regulators are demanding greater transparency, shareholders are pushing for more operational efficiency and customers want new ideas.

Recent research, conducted by CREATE-Research, in the "Upping the Innovation Game in a Winner Takes All World" study, revealed that many asset management companies still rely on cumbersome manual processes, hampering efficiency and thwarting innovation.

There is a clear "innovation lag" across the industry. Only 3% of fund management groups now believe their innovation processes are 'excellent.' A majority believes they are only 'average' or 'so-so'. According to the study, too many great ideas never make it to market. And, when they do get there, they are too late: me-too products underwhelm investors and underperform for managers.

The research highlighted that new processes and disciplines are required to meet regulatory demands, regain customer trust and deliver shareholder value, managers:

Source: CREATE-Research/Dassault Systemes Study 2013

To find out more, visit Upping the Innovation Game in a Winner Takes All World.

Innovation Factory is designed with the above challenges in mind. Leveraging over 3 decades of Dassault Systemes' heritage of technology and software innovation, this Industry Solution Experience is a pioneering, scalable platform for lifecycle product portfolio management. It aims to radically improve transparency, efficiency and collaboration - and accelerate innovation - for all stakeholders in the fund creation arena.

Key Benefits

  • Collaborate in real-time to strengthen enterprise-wide communication
  • Improve governance to reduce operational risk
  • Enhance corporate memory to convert individual learning to organizational intelligence
  • Increase control with centralized fund data
  • Improve efficiencies with pre-defined documents to 'create a single source of truth'