3D FinTech Challenge 2016

Empowering and accelerating customer centric innovation

3D Fintech Challenge


As part of the overall 3DEXPERIENCE Lab initiative, Dassault Systèmes´ 3D FinTech Challenge identifies, nurtures and accelerates 6 high performance, start-ups that can potentially transform and reshape the Industry. The 7 week program is an integral element of Dassault Systèmes’ drive to reduce complexity in the face of increasing regulation and to enable customer centric innovation. It will run from 5th October 2016 – 22nd November 2016.

3D FinTech Challenge 2015 Soundbites

Watch the video to listen to the feedback from 2015’s finalists and mentors!

Who should apply?

Do you have the commitment to be on site for 7 weeks to accelerate your technology?

Can your technology reduce regulatory impact through:

1. Collaboration - can your technology provide systemic warnings and better clarify standards and regulatory guidance internally, externally and between national regulators?

2. 360° view of the customer - can your solution cover all aspects of internal and external data to address KYC/AML and early potential customer risk/product fit for the customer?

3. Data visualization - can your technology improve usability, analysis and standardization across siloed data sets to mitigate risk, improve data reporting and reduce ambiguity?

4. Simulation - can you simulate, analyze and provide upstream/downstream 'what if' scenarios, highlighting the impact of new regulations across a firm's processes, products or customers?

The Program

  • Worldclass mentoring provided by senior executives from leading global financial institutions
  • An immersive curriculum of master classes given by domain experts, covering UX & interface design, intellectual property rights, marketing, licensing agreements, legal structure and pitching and presentation best practice.
  • The opportunity to showcase solutions to an audience of venture capitalists, private equity firms, industry experts and senior Financial Servics executives and journalists.

The 3D FinTech Challenge is a key element of Dassault Systèmes’ commitment to bring accelerated, customer centric innovation to the Financial Services, to promote industry-wide collaboration to improve the customer experience. Unlike other accelerator programs, Dassault Systèmes does not take equity in the start-ups. 


3DFinTech Challenge
  • Worldclass mentoring from senior executives and domain experts from leading institutions
  • Opportunity to pitch your solutions to the Industry on Finals Day
  • Full access to WeWork, a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors, networking opportunities and events throughout London, the world’s leading financial and FinTech capital
  • The winners will receive additional mentoring and introductions to our partners’ and the Challenge mentors’ networks, across other key global FinTech hubs
  • Automatic enrolment for Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE LAB Challenge
  • Enrolment into the IBM Global Entrepreneurial Program, giving access to free cloud hosting. 
  • Support from University College London’s  (UCL) top post- graduates to cover any resource or technical gaps

Imagine a world

Dassault Systèmes is committed to open innovation that facilitates a collaborative industry approach to foster entrepreneurship and innovation that help meet regulatory requirements and improve the customer experience in the Financial Services sector.

By combining the vision of entrepreneurs, leading industry participants (institutions, experts and regulators) and Dassault Systemes' deep rooted experience as an innovator in other regulated industries, we have a unique opportunity to look at the world differently, to collaborate and transform the Industry for the better.

The 3D FinTech Challenge demonstrates how technology innovation has the potential to empower industry players and regulators, improve common understanding, reduce regulatory risk and compliance costs and shape the investment journey

Guillaume Dufour Vice President, Financial and Business Services Industry, Dassault Systèmes