Whether you are a manufacturer or supplier for wind energy, the Sustainable Wind Turbines industry solution experience can help you improve wind turbine performance and reliability, while delivering large-scale projects on time and on budget 

Powered by our 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, it integrates applications, data, and information enabling all stakeholders to collaborate efficiently with best-in-class applications for all disciplines – composites engineering and production, sourcing management, control systems engineering, multi-physics simulation analysis of components and the full turbine – all in one single environment. 

Discover the benefits of Dassault Systèmes Sustainable Wind Turbines experience:

  • Enhanced project management and global stakeholder collaboration
  • Integrated design to maximize wind turbine performance and reliability
  • Increased process control and product quality
  • Advanced simulation for validating wind turbine behavior in all operating conditions
  • Right the first time planning and production