3D Construction Instructions

Universal language work instructions

Construction tasks performed on the field are often far from lean. They oblige site managers to deal with setbacks resulting from poorly executed project schedules. They also struggle with inconsistent work quality resulting from differences in the skill sets of the various work teams on site. Moreover, construction workers do not all speak the same language resulting in difficulties communicating instructions to them.

With Optimized Plant Construction Industry Solution Experience  non-textual, easily understandable 3D instructions can be obtained based on 3D information of the equipment, terrain, and plant facility. Instructions of generic operations can also be easily and quickly created in 3D. Animations of workers’ tasks are then interactively generated. Optimized Plant Construction Industry Solution Experience  delivers virtual animated scenarios to train workers in a 3D life-like manner maximizing comprehension before real-life execution on the field.

Companies generally create instruction manuals in several languages filled with a lot of text and 2D sketches. The documents can, however, be easily transformed into 3D scenarios for any worker. Sensitive specific installation assembly sequences of the erection process can be transmitted to the construction team before actual execution so as to ensure that they do it right the first time.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Promote first-time-right construction tasks
  • Provide field teams with direct access to instruction procedures and training material.
  • Unambiguous construction instruction
  • Multilingual understanding & learning retention
  • Stakeholders maximized comprehension of project phases