Perfect Shelf

Deliver a superior shopping experience while maximizing profitability


Cost effective Design, Merchandising Compliance and Stronger Brand Experience


When it comes to shelf design, the Design value component of thePerfect Shelf 3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Systèmes enables Category Managers to design the shelf space recommendation or build the merchandising strategy for a Retailer by easily creating 3D shelves, fixtures and merchandising elements that are aligned with the company’s standards and brand equity goals with great efficiency.


Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Cost effective 3D content creation to manage any product category and Point of Sale materials
  • Accelerated consumer decision tree implementation by linking products to the category structure and segments
  • Intuitive and efficient design through Drag & Drop capabilities, Smart positioning and advanced product assortment filtering and searching
  • Compliance with merchandising rules to ensure shelf quality