Production Specifications

Manage specifications across its lifecycle from concept to production

Production Specifications provides a centralized method to author, approve, manage and drive reuse of packaging specifications. It enables companies to use structured specifications to build and maintain multi-level bills-of-material (BOMs), conduct “where-used” analysis and identify packaging material savings

Production Specifications also manages manufacturing site-specific BOMs, BOM costing, materials compliance, dynamic label copy generation, and primary/secondary packaging design tools (bill of packaging). To ensure consistency between R&D and purchasing, users can integrate this product with transactional systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP).

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Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Significantly reduce raw material costs by formally controlling product specification changes to encourage re-use and standardization.
  • Increase employee productivity by standardizing product definition, enabling multiple employees to work on the same specification and setting standard review and approval processes globally.
  • Reduce legal liability by managing materials to avoid product recalls and regulation violations.

Simplification of product prototypes; today with fewer than 70 templates we manage through ENOVIA over 5,000 types of packaging material and this means significant savings in management time and in harmonization for all the Group’s entities.

Marco Rossi IT Business Process Support Manager, Barilla.