Consumer Validation

Show new packages in context to review with consumers

As soon as the artwork and shape are completed, CPG companies can use Consumer Validation to validate new packages effectiveness with consumers before finalizing the design. As a matter of fact, designers can interactively create and manipulate packaging materials, lights and environments, and visualize the new package in real-time without the need for costly mock-ups and prototypes. This provides a clear view of what the new package will look like and how consumers will be able to distinguish it on the shelf from the competitive products.

These designs can also be tested with shoppers on the shelf to ensure the new package design achieves its objectives using the Perfect Shelf Industry Solution Experience.

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Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Explore more packaging options through “quick and dirty” evaluations of new concepts and iterate with consumers to create the perfect package.
  • Accelerate consumer validation through the use of photo-realistic rendering in multiple environments which can be used in qualitative or quantitative research.
  • Eliminates the need for costly physical prototypes through real-time visualization.