My Store

Make informed decisions early on assortments and store layout

My Store Layout

A visually exciting store layout has a positive influence on consumers. From the moment they enter the store, they must see what you want them to see. This takes careful planning from the first moment of impact.

My Store Layout enables retailers to represent the future store complete with sightlines, pillars, shelves, fixtures and staircases for optimum impact. Planners can depict a zone, an entire floor or the way a corner will be set up complete with lighting effects for more realism. They design the appropriate store layout as a function of the available surface area. Shelves and fixtures can be rearranged to comply with the consumer’s shopping behavior and the business performance expected by the brand and retailer. Ephemeral zones for special events or holidays can be easily integrated and displayed next to the current store layout for easy visualization and planning.

Store layout

Key Highlights

  • Implement store layout strategy and provide recommendations to local entities
  • Ensure operational excellence and shelf compliance
  • Optimize floor layout, fixture alignment, and zones for a desired consumer shopping experience