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Make informed decisions early on assortments and store layout

3D Content Collaboration

Designing a store layout can be a frustrating experience if errors are detected after receiving the physical collection. Merchandisers can make better decisions if they could preview the store early in a virtual environment. It ensures an assortment that has the best impact. 

3D Content Collaboration is proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. With this industry process experience, the shopping environment is represented as a 3D virtual model with impressive realism. Content created in 3D can be combined with high quality photographs or Adobe Illustrator™ images and rendered together as 3D models. Digitally representing an assortment before physically taking delivery of items throughout the store, or even before committing to production, avoids expensive and time-consuming assortment failures and improves ROI. 

3D Content Collaboration

Key Highlights

  • Manage in-store products with a single source of the truth
  • Leverage the power of 3D for true-to-life store displays
  • Deliver operational excellence at the store level with fewer risks, faster decisions and more profit
  • Easily create your own 3D content from early 2D product sketches