My Store

Deliver a unique customer experience across all channels

What is an exceptional shopping experience? When consumers have that “wow” moment. It can occur from the moment they catch a glimpse of a store to the pleasure they experience when inside. The thrill and ease of shopping are what ensure repeat visits and loyalty. Today’s merchants have to work harder than ever before to communicate a compelling brand persona to shoppers. They must have a vision for how they want their stores to look and deploy that look in a multi-channel environment. Considerable thought goes into defining what the ideal product mix is and how to best display that to enhance brand equity at every store location. The goal? To deliver a unique shopping experience that will drive up sales and have a direct topline impact.

My Store, is a Dassault Systèmes’ Industry Solution Experience for the Consumer Goods and Retail industry. It helps retailers and brands deliver a unique and memorable consumer experience across all channels for any product the retailer wants to sell, My Store is the answer for merchants who want to showcase their products in a compelling and enticing manner. It helps share the merchant’s vision of how products should be displayed with store teams. Understanding this vision makes it easy to transform ideas into exciting shopping experiences. A picture is worth a 1000 words and with My Store’s 3D visualization features stakeholders make better and faster decisions. They optimize revenue generation and profit and drive compliance across stores thereby enhancing brand equity at multiple points of sale. Brands can influence retailers through optimal product positioning thus increasing presence and sales. With My Store retailers can deliver stores that will delight customers and win their loyalty.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Make informed decisions on assortments and store layout earlier in the  process 
  • Maximize sales productivity with an intelligent use of space
  • Directly share consumer group feedback with planning teams to optimize store layout and product assortments
  • Deliver a shopping experience that enhances your brand equity and connects with your consumers

Retailers need real time performance indicators so that they can be responsive and get the right goods to the store that customers are actually going to buy.

Leslie HAND Research Director for IDC Retail Insights