My Rapid Product Portfolio

Imagine, design and deliver the right products for your consumers

Lifestyles influence the hard goods consumers buy. Sales can be seasonal or event-related (birthday, Christmas, or for the promotion of a new film). With demand often punctual and short-lived, brands must renew their products fast to stay in the game.  More connected and better-informed than ever, consumers seek the latest technologies yet want sturdy products built to last. A flexible product development process ensures the agility brands need to satisfy new demands. They must innovate at the global and local levels. Global because word gets around fast in a socially connected world and local, because products must satisfy cultural differences and tastes. Brands must manage these differences while maintaining consistent brand image and value from one country to the next. From sketch to shelf, they need tighter control of their supply chain throughout their product development process to deliver the right products to market in a timely manner.

Buying power has also shifted. What were once populations devoted to manufacturing products have now become consumers in their own right. Brands must develop products that satisfy these new consumers. And in a world where design weighs heavy on the consumer psyche, companies are challenged to attract the best talents by providing them with exciting technological environments in which they can express their creativity.  

My Rapid Product Portfolio is an industry solution experience dedicated to the development of innovative hard goods. With My Rapid Product Portfolio, brands have powerful 3D modeling and collaborative features that facilitate the exchange of ideas with consumers throughout the product development process to design the products they want. It is the only offering on the market that provides 3D design capabilities for both styling and engineering in one integrated platform – the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Brands implement effective design-for-cost product development to manufacturing strategies, and dispose of the most efficient product management tools to manage all product and project information throughout the development process. As a result, they launch their products to market faster in compliance with sustainability and safety norms. With this industry solution experience, companies have an on-cloud and on-premise scalable solution that can be implemented as their business requirements evolve. My Rapid Product Portfolio natively supports the design needs of hard goods companies resulting in a faster ROI.   

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