My Design

Deliver an environment that inspires creativity and promotes collaboration

My Collection for Fashion provides designers with an intuitive and flexible interface characterized by simple navigation and a clean look and feel.  

My Design gives creative design and technical design teams the freedom to work with the design tools with which they are most familiar, increasing productivity. Powerful and seamless integration with Adobe Illustrator® enables them to leverage the power of centralized libraries from My Unified Development and Sourcing (PLM) while working directly within Adobe®. At any stage of design, they can benefit from their extensive libraries of materials, colors, trims and washes to sketch an item, color it, drag and drop materials and trims and even begin the BOM-creation process all within their familiar design environment – while taking full advantage of PLM’s version control and collaborative capabilities. With My Design, your designers’ creative process is supported and enhanced while enabling better early visibility and collaboration with extended teams in product development and sourcing.


Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • All versions of the design are saved creating a clear history.
  • Earlier versions can be re-activated, avoiding re-dos and wasted time.Workflow milestones can trigger change alerts on design updates, to keep all teams updated.
  • Materials, colors, trims, washes and more from ENOVIA libraries can be used directly within the Adobe environment.
  • Reduce by 40-75% the time spent on searching for information and duplicating data entry.
  • Use that valuable time to design better products, develop the line and collaborate with sourcing and suppliers to improve cost and delivery.