Delivering the brand promise across all the touchpoints along the demand chain from consumer to creator

Create Winning Consumer Experiences

The Fashion industry is driven by consumer demand for on-trend, on-time products. Every year, the retail ‘speed to market’ cycle continues to shrink across virtually all categories, increasing the pressure on retail supply chains to be as responsive as they are cost-sensitive.

However, fashion brands and retailers must face other challenges as well and need to adjust to a world that is constantly accelerating on multiple levels. The consumer expects to have a voice from early product concept to final delivery.

The world’s recent economic and political changes put pressure on sales and supply chains. Companies must be able to quickly adjust their sourcing plans to manage risk, without jeopardizing collection deadlines and quality. Moreover, sustainability continues to occupy a commanding position in every company’s corporate social responsibility mission statement as environmental and ecological issues remain priorities with both consumers and regulatory agencies .

Our industry needs a system that helps create a seamless, responsive relationship between the trend-setting creative side of the business and the practical business and production side where costs can be managed. The ENOVIA apparel sourcing solution is the glue that ties everything together.

Mike Relich CIO, GUESS, Inc.