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My Social Innovation

Bring people together around shared interests and create more business value


Gaining insight and maximizing inspiration is the start of a strong brand. Fashion brands and retailers must understand consumers’ needs and aspirations and embed the social viewpoint into product development in order to become proactive, and not just reactive, to market trends.

With My Social Innovation companies can share and exchange unstructured information organically through industrialized social communities built around a common purpose. Communities can include external as well as internal users and bring the voice of the customer directly into the innovation process. My Social Innovation provides a dynamic, natural environment that engages users to build and share business communities with clear purpose and context. 

Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • Capture business intelligence from the wealth of unstructured information (text, images, videos, and even 3D content), which do not neatly fit into a standard business system
  • Encourage knowledge-sharing and knowledge-transfer across the enterprise
  • Build and share user-driven business communities with a clear purpose and context
  • Conduct focus groups with your best customers
  • Unlock the organic nature of social exchange around shared interests within a secure business framework