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A single environment to manage your entire lifecycle from product to consumer

My Analytics

360° visibility to understand consumer demand and response

Do your products sell as well as you would like? What do consumers say about your products? New collection? Or new marketing? Do you need to make rapid changes along the way? What is the status of in-transit or in-work products and what are your response options? My Analytics helps extract more value from your existing information across multiple systems- even information on the web - giving you results in real-time, and in-context as queries, dashboards and alerts. Information intelligence makes your organization more agile and dynamic.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • Accelerate visibility and analysis across internal information, partner information and even public data for faster decision-making.
  • Relate information from multiple sources on mash-ups and personalized dashboards.
  • Set triggers and alerts on key metrics.
  • Provide 360°, real-time views of customers, products and sales across all channels.
  • Unlock data without costly data marts by indexing existing sources.
  • Simplify training with an intuitive web-based interface.