Lean Construction

Eliminate Waste and Increase Profits

Project Planning

Lean Construction through Efficient Project Forecasting and Planning

Construction Projects have been using project management methodologies. However, they still have out of control delays, cost overruns, and other inefficiency. There is a need to adjust and modify project management methodologies. In addition to scheduling capability, capable project planning impacts factors such as links with budget, roles, and foreseeing unexpected status adjustments, in order to achieve efficient project delivery.

Project Planning of the Lean Construction 3DEXPERIENCE Solution is about creating a project structure that enables the many members of the construction team to collaborate.  It is about automating resource planning activities and institutionalizing its best practices. Its collaborative project management capabilities dramatically increase the productivity of globally distributed users by executing projects and programs with real-time information that updates automatically through direct links to tasks, documents, deliverables, and other data sources. These automatic updates allow the project manager to focus on high value activities rather than tracking down status.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Clear view of schedule progress, issue resolution, risks, etc.
  • More accountability: Any source of changes are traceable afterward
  • Primavera integration / Master project schedule
  • Execution status instant access dashboard
  • Issues linked to impacted tasks and deliverables
  • Change management linked to tasks and deliverables