Lean Construction

Eliminate Waste and Increase Profits

Construction Work Package

Lean Construction through Efficient Construction Project Definition

Construction projects have been using project management methodologies. However, they still have out of control delays, cost overruns, and other inefficiencies. There is a need to adjust and modify these project management methodologies. Construction Work Package enables project managers to define work packages including such necessary information as instructions, materials, equipment, and project sequences to eliminate inefficiency.

The Construction Work Package of the Lean Construction 3DEXPERIENCE Solution is about being able to access any type of latest deliverable whether it be CAD, BIM, or IFC. It is about the document lifecycle and providing electronic collaboration including creation, approval and storage.  This enables real time document delivery status reports with warnings and reminders which can be integrated with the project schedule for real time progress reporting and measurements.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Enable collaborative engineering across remote offices, worldwide.
  • Clear view on engineering progress in real time, detect risk early and avoid schedule delays.
  • Project stake holder can access any type of latest engineering deliverable, anywhere.
  • Multi CAD integration for source data – works with existing files and BIM models.
  • Document lifecycle management.
  •  On-line digital approval process.
  • Transmittal management / Access control.
  • Dashboard of delivery status.
  • Integrated with project schedules.