Facade Design for Fabrication

Connect Your Design Data from Concept through Fabrication for Collaborative, Industrialized Construction

Facade Design for Fabrication is an end-to-end solution for architects, engineers, contractors, and fabricators.

Facade Design for Fabrication provides a robust solution to develop conceptual models of buildings and extend the facade through design, fabrication, and even into construction.  

  • Plan buildings using dynamic tools that validate requirements as you work
  • Develop design further including shape, pattern, structure, and detail
  • Extend design model data to automate shop drawings and bills of materials (BOMs)

Key capabilities & benefits

  • Better Buildings to Delight Customers: Save time, reduce process dead-ends, validate requirements in real time, and exceed customer expectations
  • Industrialized Construction: Reduce waste by extending conceptual model data into fabrication with collaboration and scalability on the cloud
  • Single 3D Version of The Truth: “Same page” authoring tools provide a 3D Master version for the entire project team
  • The Power of 3DEXPERIENCE: Business experience platform creates collaborative, interactive environment connecting people

On the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the modeling is in the cloud and available immediately. The benefit of cloud-based collaboration is speed and efficiency.

Jonathan Mallie Principal of SHoP Architects and Managing Director of SHoP Construction