The Future of Performance Footwear

Racing Towards Advantage in Performance Footwear

Is this the Future of Footwear?

Over the last few decades, technological advancements in sport have been moving the benchmark of human limitations. Some ways are easy to understand: fiberglass poles became more flexible allowing vaulters to reach new heights; replacing wooden tennis rackets with ones made of fiberglass and graphite improved accuracy; swimming bodysuits were developed to reduce drag. 

But while these advances may have been game changing at the time, a new era of technology has arrived that seeks to lift the lid off the secrets to our biomechanics and help push both professional and amateur athletes to greater heights.

In every sport, and at every level, companies are now supplying equipment, clothing and gadgets in a bid to revolutionize the way professionals and amateurs train, compete and recuperate.

Dassault Systèmes developed a series of materials to explore how technology is helping both professional and everyday athletes race towards perfection. Click on each asset above to learn more.

NOTE: The video, infographic and article were first published as an Advertisement Feature on running from 27th June 2014 to 5th September 2014, and were created by the BBC Advertising Commercial Production team in partnership with Dassault Systèmes.