DELMIA - Une production virtuelle au service de la performance

Le portefeuille DELMIA s'articule en domaines de fabrication distincts, avec des solutions qui dynamiseront toute votre usine numérique.

Nos domaines

Factory Definition & Simulation Solutions

DELMIA Robotics - a scalable solution that can leverages the power of the Manufacturing Hub to deliver integrated, scalable, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions, while DELMIA Human provides such organizations with a suite of human simulation.

Domain Objective

The DELMIA Factory Definition & Simulation solution suite provides the tools to develop, create and implement resources, application routines and mechanical programming that are integral with the Process Planning and Process Detailing & Validation solutions. Within this set of solutions, resources such as robots, tooling, fixtures, machinery, automation and ergonomics are defined and infused into a complete scenario of manufacturing.

Complete advanced simulations such as

- Factory Flow simulations
- Robotic workcell setup and OLP
- NC Machining
- Virtual Reality Scenarios

Factory Definition & Simulation Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
DELMIA Work Instruction Composer   WKC  
DELMIA DPM Work Instructions WI1    
DELMIA Robotics   OLP  
DELMIA - Generative Shape Design GSM    
DELMIA - Part Design Feature Recognition FRM    
DELMIA Flex Dynamic Cable Simulation   FDS  
DELMIA - ARC Welding   ARW  
DELMIA - Generative Part Structural Analysis   MGS  
DELMIA - Resource Layout   MRL  
DELMIA - Production System Analysis   PSY  
DELMIA - Shop Order Release   SOR  
DELMIA Automation- CLM C Code Generator CG1    
DELMIA Automation- CSM Object Modeler CSM    
DELMIA - 2D Layout Planning   L2P  
DELMIA - 3D Layout Planning   L3P  
DELMIA Automation- CLM Object Modeler LM1    
DELMIA Automation- CLM Control Setup SC1    
DELMIA - Human Preferred Angles Catalog   MAC  
DELMIA - Generative Drafting MG1 MGD  
DELMIA - Human Task Catalog   MHC  
DELMIA - Interactive Drafting MID    
DELMIA - Human Posture Catalog   MPC  
DELMIA - Human Anthropometry Catalog   MTC  
DELMIA - DPM Shop Floor Viewer   SHF  
DELMIA Automation- CLM SIMATIC Setup SU1    
DELMIA - Workcell Sequencing   WSQ  
DELMIA - Realistic Robotic Simulation II   RST  
DELMIA - DPM Work Instructions   WKI  
DELMIA - Plant Layout PLT    
DELMIA - Equipment Arrangement   MEQ  
DELMIA - Device Task Definition   WSU  
DELMIA - Device Building   DBG  
DELMIA - DMU Dimensioning & Tolerancing Review MTR    
DELMIA - DMU Space Analysis   MSA  
DELMIA - DMU Optimizer   MOP  
DELMIA - DMU Navigator MDU MNV  
DELMIA - DMU Fastening Review   MFR  
DELMIA - Realistic Robot Simulation   RRS  
DELMIA - Human Builder   MHB  
DELMIA - Human Activity Analysis   MHA  
DELMIA - Human Posture Analysis   MHP  
DELMIA - Human Measurements Editor   MHM  
DELMIA - Human Task Simulation   MHT