Seminar: Techniques for Reducing Time and Cost by Performing Accurate Virtual Testing

On July 05, 2011
IMechE, One Bird Cage Walk, London United Kingdom

Join us for this free seminar to discover the latest capabilities in Abaqus, Isight and Abaqus Topology Optimization Module (ATOM).

In today's competitive business environment, improving product efficiency, safety, and reliability-while reducing time and costs-are mission critical goals. Our customers are achieving these goals by leveraging our technology for simulation, automation and design optimization.

SIMULIA products enable the accurate assessment of products in real-world scenarios and provide automation tools to produce repeatable simulation process flows. Moreover, our design evaluation and optimisation tools can quickly-and affordably-quantify the impact of design change and improve product performance.

At this free seminar you will learn how these solutions can have a positive impact on your product development process. Discover the latest capabilities in:

  • Abaqus 6.11
  • Abaqus Topology Optimization Module
  • Isight 5.5