Modeling and Simulation of Complex Dynamic Systems : MODELICA and FMI, Velizy France, 28th June

On June 28, 2012
Dassault Systemes HQ Velizy-Villacoublay France

Join us to learn about the experience of BMW and other industrial companies during the Modelica Days by Dassault Systèmes

Two new standards to accelerate Innovation

  • Hybrid vehicles, more electric aircrafts, smart buildings, smart grid, industrial or humanoids robots: the number of mechatronic projects continues to grow, building up the heart of embedded intelligence in nowadays products.
  • New development methods become necessary to ensure a sustainable design approach, consistent with market constraints:  reduced design costs and time, optimization of the overall product, quality and reliability.
  • Coming from the European Collaborative Research, two open standards are emerging: FMI and Modelica. Leveraging open interoperability techniques and a standardized modeling language for dynamic systems behavior, both aim at facilitating the composition of reusable multi-physics models.
  • On June 21st in Toulouse and June 28th in Paris, Dassault Systèmes is inviting its Partners and Customers  to get together to share and exemplify the promises of these standards, primarily through the testimonials of industry leaders, such as Altran, BMW, Carrier, DCNS, EDF, SAAB and DS partners, all key stakeholders of the global dynamics set around these standards.