Lunch & Learn Web-Cast Seminar: Midsurface Extraction and Substructure Modeling

On August 18, 2011
Web-cast, Noon PT

Take advantage of new functionality to streamline your FEA modeling process. Join us Thursday, August 18 at noon PT for this live, one-hour, web-cast seminar: Midsurface Extraction and Substructure Modeling in Abaqus/CAE.

Abaqus release 6.11 adds new functionality which will reduce the time it takes to build midsurface and substructure FE models. In this hour long session, learn how to create midsurface and substructure models directly in Abaqus/CAE.

Learn how to:

  • Assign a midsurface region
  • Learn which Geometry Edit tools are used to create the midsurface of a thin component
  • Generate, import, instance and manage substructures in Abaqus/CAE


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