OnePart Engineering Webinar

From 10:54 May 29, 2015 to 10:54 June 29, 2018

EXALEAD OnePart, integrated into the Single Source for Speed solution, helps industrial equipment companies like yours free up engineering capacity to devote more time to innovation.

It's no secret that reusing existing part models can:
• Lead to savings of $5K to $20K per part
• Improve engineering capacity by 20-100 hours per part
• Decrease risk and increase quality

Sadly, engineers often redesign new parts instead of reusing existing ones because they are so hard to find:
• Information is found in multiple formats in hard-to-reach silos (PLM, PDM, file systems...)
• PLM & ERP required resources are not built for collaboration and reuse

This FREE webinar describes how disruptive technology from the Web, integrated into the Single Source for Speed solution for industrial equipment companies, can help your design engineers find the parts they need through a combination of 3D search, keyword search, and metadata search in a single consolidated environment.


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OnePart Engineering Webinar