e-Seminar: Improve Product Design with Modern Fatigue Techniques

On July 15, 2011 12:00 (GMT)
Webex Session

Attend this e-seminar and learn how you can use realistic simulation to improve your product designs. Industry is increasing the pressure on manufacturers to use less material to deliver lightweight but stronger components with fewer warranty and recall costs while improving time-to-market. Realistic simulation can help.

Many companies use advanced finite element analysis to calculate design stresses, but the fatigue analysis is often still done by manually picking stress points for spread-sheet analysis. Component validation by fatigue testing a prototype design in the test lab is time-consuming. If the prototype fails prematurely, a costly, open-ended cycle of design test redesign is required. Project time scales slip and delivery is late.

This e-seminar focuses on how fatigue software can easily be used on a finite element model to arrive at an accurate design faster.  fe-safe™ from Safe Technology is a highly effective fatigue tool. Dr. Pawel Sobczak, a product expert, will showcase the product and highlight real-time examples on how  fe-safe™ has become an integral tool for its customer in their product design. This e-Seminar will also offer the opportunity to discuss and clarify any queries you may have related to your workflows with Pawel.