SIMULIA Regional User Meetings

West Regional User Meeting



Join us on October 29th for a full day of FREE pre-WRUM activities!

Course One 8:30 am-12:30 pm

Design Optimization: An overview of Tosca Structure

Today’s engineers aspire to develop innovative products in the shortest development time possible. Security, comfort, performance, efficiency, durability, and flexibility are just some of the aspects to take into account. The Tosca optimization suite enables engineers to take full advantage of any improvement potential while leveraging advanced simulation capabilities. It creates optimized design concepts to achieve the highest performance, quality, and eco-efficiency in a shorter development time.

Design Optimization: An Overview of Tosca Structure   

Tosca Structure provides topology, shape, sizing and bead optimization for mechanical structures based on simulation results from industry standard FEA packages.  These methods accelerate and improve the reliable design of lightweight, rigid and durable components and systems. In addition, including optimization in your product design cycle has the potential to significantly reduce the required number of expensive improvement loops and prototypes. 
This seminar is a brief introduction to the structural optimization capabilities of Tosca Structure and will cover:

•    Solving fundamental topology, shape, sizing and bead optimization problems
•    Results evaluation
•    Integration of optimization into the development process
•    User interfaces for an efficient workflow

Course Two 1:45 pm – 5:30 pm

Durability: Fatigue Analysis with fe-safe

fe-safe is the technical leader in fatigue analysis software for Finite Element models. fe-safe has been developed continuously since the early 1990's in collaboration with industry to ensure that it continues to set the benchmark for fatigue analysis software.

fe-safe was the first commercially available fatigue analysis software to focus on modern multiaxial strain based fatigue methods. fe-safe provides unique capabilities for thermo-mechanical fatigue and creep-fatigue, the fatigue analysis of composite and rubber materials and the Verity Structural Stress method for welded joints.

fe-safe offers the user an easy-to-use fatigue analysis suite that provides reliable, accurate fatigue life predictions regardless of the complexity of your analysis.

This seminar is a brief introduction to the fatigue analysis capabilities of fe-safe and will cover:
•    An overview of the fatigue theory underlying analyses with fe-safe
•    Capabilities of the fe-safe software
•    Illustration of the fe-safe user interface
Demonstration of a fatigue analysis workflow from FEA using Abaqus and fe-safe