SIMULIA Regional User Meetings

South Regional User Meeting

Conference Dates: October 21, 2014
Advanced Seminar: October 20, 2014
Sheraton North Houston Hotel

Advanced Seminar

Introduction to Modern Methods of Fatigue Analysis for Finite Element Models

This seminar comes with a fee of $425.00.

As an added incentive, we are providing conference delegates with the opportunity to attend a heavily discounted SIMULIA training course, presented by field experts:
•    Introduction to Modern Methods of Fatigue Analysis for Finite Element Models

The seminar provides an introduction to modern methods of fatigue analysis with particular reference to fatigue analysis of FE models. There is a strong emphasis on what is possible and the pitfalls to avoid.  Topics to include:
•    Overview of modern fatigue analysis methods for finite element models with examples of why modern methods are necessary
•    Strain-based methods to calculate life to crack initiation
•    The theory of critical distances
•    Multiaxial fatigue
•    The S-N curve approach to fatigue – strengths and limitations
•    Vibration fatigue and fatigue analysis in the frequency domain
•    Fatigue testing
•    Fatigue analysis from finite element models – the types of problem that be addressed.
•    Fatigue of welded joints. Local approaches to fatigue analysis of welded joints, and an introduction to Verity® structural stress method for seam welds and spot welds, with case studies
•    Thermo-mechanical fatigue and creep-fatigue interactions. The mechanisms of crack initiation for fatigue at high temperatures and for creep-fatigue. Ductility exhaustion, strain-range partitioning and other methods of analysis, with case studies
•    Fatigue of elastomers. Principles of fatigue of elastomers, fatigue analysis methods, critical plane analysis for elastomers. Case studies for fe-safe/Rubber
•    Fatigue of composites. Fatigue analysis methods for unidirectional fibers, laminates and woven fibers.  An introduction to fe-safe/Composites and case studies
fe-safe is technically advanced fatigue analysis software for FEA models. fe-safe incorporates the most sophisticated fatigue analysis technology available in commercial software. As a result, fe-safe is changing the way design engineers perceive fatigue analysis software tools.