The Scale of the Universe from a teenager’s perspective

May 26, 2012 by Darren Education 0


If there isn’t already a bidding war for the talents of 14-year-old twins Michael and Cary Huang (at right), there will be.

The California high school students have created a mesmerizing flash animation called “Scale of the Universe” that allows you to compare the sizes of the tiniest things and largest things imaginable by dragging a slidebar at the bottom of the screen.

Our eyeballs don’t work this way. We have a limited scope of view, occasionally enhanced with binoculars, telescope or microscope, but there’s still no real sense of scale. Slowly trekking through the Huang brothers‘ animation is like starring in your own science fiction movie where you can control your size with a blink of the eye.

What are the smallest and largest units of measurement that you’ve used in a recent CAD drawing?  DraftSight, the professional-grade free 2D CAD program from Dassault Systèmes, allows numerous options for scaling your drawings:

Check out the Huang Universe view and feel like a towering giant or an inconsequential microbe depending on which direction you slide the toolbar:

You can try tinkering with the “Scale of the Universe” flash presentation yourself here.

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