Spotlight on Luxembourg: DraftSight makes buying a home less stressful

April 25, 2012 by Darren Architecture, Design 0

DraftSight free 2d cad download architecture

As any homeowner knows, even doing a basic kitchen renovation or building a garage can be extremely stressful.

Will construction costs stay within our budget?  Will the project stick to its timetable?  Will the builder meet our expectations?

So, we were very pleased to get this unsolicited testimonial from Luxembourg’s Jorg Willekens, who is buying a new energy-efficient row house (what they call a “maison mitoyenne” in French) in the village of Capellen.

Jorg, who has no experience using CAD, wanted to review the architectural plans. His construction company sent him the DWG file, which he was able to open and read with no problems thanks to DraftSight.

“Am I glad your software exists! My construction company of my house sent me DWG files, as if everyone just has CAD lying around on their computer…. Thanks!”

Oh, you’re very welcome, Jorg.  We believe that you shouldn’t have to buy a pricey software license just to take a look at a file.

But DraftSight is also the ideal program for anyone who wants to learn 2D CAD. Check out our full-slate of free Webinars aimed at beginners and CAD users at all levels.

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