Welcome Fellow DraftSighters! — How do you use 2D CAD?

November 4, 2011 by Darren Tell Us Your Story! 2


We’re already energized by the 1.5 million (and counting) downloads and the dynamic participation on our DraftSight Facebook page, LinkedIn Group, YouTube Channel and our DraftSight SwYm Community Support forums.

But now there’s another way to be part of the action!

Today is the launch of “Winning With DraftSight,” the official blog of your favorite 2D CAD program. Think of it as your virtual watercooler, where the discussion will not only cover drafting, engineering, manufacturing and architecture — but also cast the spotlight on what’s most important to our users in their professional and personal lives.

We want to hear your stories. Tell us how you use DraftSight, why you’ve stuck with us and how it makes a difference for your business, studies or even your hobbies. Click on the “In Case You Missed It” category for a sampling of what’s to come…

DraftSight is used to make everything from science fiction hovercrafts to cute little octopus statues — and everything in between. Share your passion and company or personal success story at draftsight.news@gmail.com

We’d love to hear from you from the following perspectives:

  • Professional 2D CAD Users: Some of the more common industries where DraftSight is valued include: Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Goods, Consumer Packaged Goods, Electronics, Energy, Fashion, Financial Services, Industrial Equipment, Life Sciences, Medical Equipment, Semiconductors, Shipbuilding and Transportation.
  • Educational Users: Students and teachers from high school through university, as well as vocational training.
  • Hobbyists: No limits here. Radio-controlled aircraft and vehicles, home construction projects, model railroading, model rocketry, robotics, you name it.

As our charismatic training specialist Mark Lyons points out, we live in a 3D world, but many great things start out in 2D…

DRAFTSIGHT AROUND THE WORLD -- Click the picture to hear Mark explain the engineering marvels of the Eiffel Tower.

What the Eiffel Tower would have looked like in 1889 if 2D CAD had been invented.


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  1. Ray says: November 7, 2011

    Professionally, I’m using 2D CAD in the classical way: making drawings of assemblies, components, and tools, mostly for fabrication or manufacturing purposes. On the side, I’m exploring the 3D capabilities hidden inside DraftSight. I cofounded a computer game company in the past, and we did all our 3D modeling with other tools. I can’t leave the 3D alone.

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  2. Mark Lyons says: December 9, 2011

    thank you for using DraftSight. We’re glad to hear that you are using it for your professional and personal projects. We’d love to hear more about how you are using it for your modeling work for computer games. The SwYm Community and DraftSight Facebook page are great places to interact and share your work with other users; you can also reach us at draftsight.news@gmail.com.”

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