DraftSight Master Series: Don’t miss our 2D CAD training “cheat sheet!”

November 29, 2011 by Darren DraftSight Tips 0

US-B26 aircraft spotter cards

The U.S. Armed Forces have traditionally issued aircraft spotting cards or charts that help personnel memorize the silhouettes of friendly versus enemy planes. This World War II-era card, for example, pictures belly, front and side views of the B-26 Marauder Bomber.

The Marauder, an engineering marvel ahead of its time, had the lowest combat loss rate of any U.S. aircraft — less than one percent. And those silhouette cards certainly played a role in making sure friendly fire didn’t cause more accidents.

On a far more trivial note, my Honda car has a little flip book I keep in the glove compartment that contains a key to all the warning lights on the dashboard as well as critical information on how to reset the clock radio.

When I want the quick scoop on car maintenance, I much prefer to grab the flip book than to dive into my hardbound 200-page manual.

Did you know that DraftSight has a similar flip book for CAD professionals, educators and students?

It’s called the “DraftSight Master Series,” and it’s a collection of tips, tricks, training videos and webinars that is invaluable to first-time users and 2D CAD veteran designers alike.

The DraftSight Master Series tutorial "cheat sheet" is free for all DraftSight users.

The Master Series was developed by DraftSight’s training specialist, Mark Lyons, whom you may be familiar with for his easy-to-digest “Lyons’ Share” drafting videos.

Here’s a comprehensive look at what you can learn from a quick visit to the flip book:

  • Getting Started Guide – Get up and running in no time!
  • Understanding the User Interface – The logic behind our product screen design.
  • Make Block Tutorial – How to create and insert blocks in your drawings.
  • Setting Up Your Mouse on the Mac.
  • Using Mouse Gestures as Commands – Especially helpful when/if you have difficulty typing.
  • Creating Custom Toolbars.
  • Using ETracking and Polar Tracking – Tap into another option for increasing productivity.
  • System Settings Tutorial — Customize your workspace for your industry.
  • Using the Trapezoid Command.
  • Bonus 3D Resources – How to reference 3D models, available as 2D .dwg files with our 3D ContentCentral service.
  • Linear Dimension Tutorial – How to create horizontal, vertical and rotated linear dimensions.
  • Hatch Command Tutorial – How to fill enclosed areas with hatch or solid patterns to differentiate spaces in construction drawings.
  • Using the Tool Matrix.
  • Relative Command Tutorial – How to automatically locate points on a drawing relative to other points.
  • DraftSight for the Architect – Details on how our professional-grade free 2D CAD product is tailored for architectural drawings.
  • Tips & Tricks — The absolute best shortcuts for boosting speed and efficiency.
  • DraftSight Premium Support Services – An overview of how our affordable, fee-based support services can benefit companies, educators and prosumers. (Click here for a complimentary ROI analysis to determine if Premium Services are right for you.)

About the only things you won’t find in the DraftSight Master Series flip book? How to identify enemy aircraft and how to program your car radio!

(Have a DraftSight tip or shortcut you believe belongs in our Master Series? Please drop us a line at draftsight.news@gmail.com).

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