Engineers and electricians used to be recruited by comic books

April 29, 2012 by Darren Engineering 0

Comic book career recruiting one panel

How did you hear about your first engineering job?

Perhaps you saw a listing at your vocational high school or college career center, found a job listing on-line or responded to an opening you saw on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media?

Chances are you didn’t get hired as a result of reading comic books.

I just stumbled across this career recruitment advertisement in an early 1970s comic book. Comics have a long history of being embraced by the military, which often involves long periods of downtime. This comic pitch for the Cleveland Institute of Electronics mentions they have been approved for training under the G.I. Bill.

(Click image to enlarge cartoon)

The more times change, the more they stay the same. Here, the allure of the latest technologies comes with the promise of higher pay and “a real future” all while training at home in your spare time.

How quaint that you used to have to mail away for educational materials instead of downloading eBooks (like our free DraftSight Master Series Flipbook with useful tips, tricks and tutorials for professional CAD users).

We hope you’re not dealing with a sarcastic beancounter boss like the one in the cartoon!

Oh, and it looks like the comic book recruitment campaign may have been successful. The Cleveland Institute of Electronics is still around, pushing its motto of “A school of thousands — A class of one since 1934.”



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