Educators, does your 2D CAD software cost too much?

March 15, 2012 by Darren Education 0


By Marie Planchard, SolidWorks Director of World Education Markets

There are hundreds of community college and high school instructors that have very vibrant CAD programs that utilize 2D drawing and sketching.  These educators teach orthographic projection, mechanical drawing and architectural layouts.  We just announced 2 million downloads of DraftSight at SolidWorks World.  DraftSight is professional software used to create, view and edit 2D drawings in .dwg format.  Even our new building layout was done in DraftSight (see above).

I personally taught Autocad for 10 years at Mass Bay Community College. With DraftSight, you can still use your existing lessons and projects – even the ones with relative coordinates and absolute coordinates, which my students always found challenging.

If you need a network license for your school there is a small fee, but that also gets you CAD curriculum and technical support.  Licenses come in two flavors: 45 network or 200 network.  DraftSight does not stop working  in your school if you don’t pay the subscription.  I got shut off  teaching architectural drawing  when my school did not receive funding from the state. Now I am in a position to work with software engineers so that this action will never happen to our teachers in a classroom.

The 2D CAD software is free to download at  Over 2 million designers, engineers, architects, educators and students have downloaded DraftSight.  Anyone can try it out.  There are video tutorials on the DraftSight webpage and community support.

If you teach engineering drawing and drafting skills, you can try out DraftSight before your 2D CAD costs too much and your program closes.

To find out more about DraftSight in schools go to


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