DraftSight can’t give you courage, but here’s what it can promise…

May 15, 2012 by Darren Architecture, Construction, Spotlight on the DraftSight Community 0

hans glider

As evidenced above, a splendid profile photo from his Facebook page, Hans Haveel Van Laethem is a sports pilot with an appetite for daring stunts.

He has yet to draw anything in DraftSight while dangling in the clouds, but loves to spring our free 2D CAD program into action whenever he’s grounded.

Hans works as a site manager for a residential construction company in Belgium that builds new houses and apartments and specializes in renovating old ones so they look brand new.

He’s the liaison between the architect and the construction crew, making sure that everything dreamed out on paper is feasible within the budget.

Hans' DraftSight sketch of pre-fabricated concrete beams for his construction crew.

Hans says he especially appreciates DraftSight’s portability.

“DraftSight is so easy to use and allows me to draw a fast sketch of how I see things, print them out and hand them over to my builders on the site,” he says. “It’s perfect for taking details from architectural or technical drawings and transforming them into understandable drawings.”

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