3DEXPERIENCE Partner Executive SUMMIT July 12-13, 2016 | Paris - | Vélizy


The « Playground » is the name of Dassault Systèmes showroom that demonstrates, thanks to immersive experiences, how our technologies help the industrial transformation.  


For example :  

  • Ensuring digital continuity of industrial innovation from concept to product maintenance
  • Analyzing in 3D various scientific phenomena (exploration of the human body, modelization of molecules, aerodynamic leaking, flooding, falling of objects, exploration of the subsoil, functioning of mechanical assemblies)
  • Exploring new ideation methods by directly sketching in 3D
  • Revolutionizing the design of objects by using generative design, lattice generation and  additive layer manufacturing
  • Making objects intelligent by massively using system engineering, thereby making them communicate with each other
  • Validating virtual configuration of products thanks to new hyper-realistic 3D immersive technologies
  • Reducing the cost of production for mass customized consumer goods
  • Inventing the shops of the future, mixing virtual and real collections
  • Optimizing the development of urban territories and predicting the impact of new projects